As Meninas do Futebol

Came across these charmers on the internet whilst doing some research on Brazilian football. I'm not sure of the date but I'm guessing by the style and the teams represented that it would be the 1920s? It seems that the set is not complete as of the famous  Rio clubs Vasco and Fluminense are notably absent.

Formed in 1904, América were founder members of Liga de Football do Rio de Janeiro (1905)
Champions in 1913,1916,1922, 1928, and 1931.

Americano FC was founded  on June 1st, 1914 , and was not connected with an earlier participant in the Carioca league, Sport Club Americano.

Andarahy (based in the Andaraí area ) participated in the Liga de Football do Rio de Janeiro from 1916 until 1937. 

Bangu Athletic Club 
Bangu were founder members of Liga de Football do Rio de Janeiro (1905).

Botafogo were founder members of Liga de Football do Rio de Janeiro (1905).
They were champions in 1907 (joint), 1910, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935.

CR Flamengo
The football branch of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo was founded  in 1911 by dissatisfied Fluminense members. One of the biggest club teams in World football, they were Carioca Champions in 1914,1915,1920,1921,1925, and 1927.

Not an error- this is not the great Paulista club Palmeiras, who at this time were known as Palestra Italia. This Palmeiras was a modest Rio club who competed in the lower divisions of the Campeonata Carioca.
Founded in1906 by workers in a hosiery factory. In 1909 Manguiera were on the receiving end of the biggest defeat in Carioca history, losing 24-0 to Botafogo. Never excelling in the league, the club folded in 1927.

São Cristóvão Atlético Clube
São Cristóvão Atlético Clube was founded in 1909, The modern incarnation, São Cristóvão de Futebol e Regatas, did not come into being until 1943 via a merger. The original  São Cristóvão  AC were Champions of Rio in 1926.

Mackenzie was founded in 1914 and competed in the Campeonato Carioca in the early 1920s. They won the title in 1923 and abandoned top football with the rise of professionalism.

Vila Isabel
Founded in 1912 the proletarian club Vila Isabel competed in the second tier of the Campeonato Cariocas from 1917 to 1923 and again from 1926 to1928.