London University in Russia, 1914

In April 1914 London University played 3 matches in the Moscow area of Russia.
The first match was played at Orekhovo, about 100km from Moscow, against a club side called Morozovtsy*. The tourists won 5-1. The ground was new, and before the match the pitch was blessed by a priest who spoke about the benefits of sport for the working classes. There was a crowd of about 7,000.
The next match was against a Moscow Universities XI. London again ran out winners by 7-0, watched by a crowd of 6,000.
On the 24th April (according to the western calendar, as you can from the poster it was 13th in Russia!) a match was played against Moscow Clubs Select (without distinction of nationality). The attendance was reported as being 10,000! The tourists won 2-1 (some sources give 1-0 but there are contemporary Russian reports of 2-1 with Denisov scoring for the hosts). 

Russian reporters commented positively on the teamwork of the visitors, their accurate passing, strong shooting and impressive fitness. Russian spectators were less impressed by the physical aspect of the English game, particularly shoulder charges. 

Contemporary reports refer to a J.H Lockton scoring 2 goals v Morozovtsy and 4 vs Universities. The only other references to individual London University players I have found are that the goalkeeper was named Williams and that Bateman played inside right and scored 2 vs Universities. 

* The present FC Znamya Truda