Leeds United

Leeds United- 1920-21
Standing : Jim Baker, Dick Murrell (Trainer), Ernie Hart, Billy Down, Mark Barker (Director), Ralph Rodgerson, J. Hilton Crowther (President), Jimmy Walton.
Sitting : George Mason, Bert Duffield, Tommy Howarth, Merton Ellson, Basil Wood, Jimmy Frew.

United's president, Mr John Hilton Crowther was a prosperous woollen mill owner who had injected a fortune into Huddersfield Town in 1918.  Huddersfield struggled to attract support, and their ability to sustain League status was called into question. With the demise of Leeds City Hilton Crowther proposed a merger between Huddersfield town and the newly formed Leeds United.  Whilst welcomed in Leeds, this proposal, which was submitted to the Football League, caused outrage and protests in Huddersfield. The situation was resolved thus: The League gave Huddersfield Town  a month in which to pay Mr Crowther off (£25,000) in order to maintain their independence. If they failed to do so the merger would go ahead. Hilton Crowther settled for £17,500 and 12,500 Huddersfield Town shares.
Strangely, for the first 14 years of their existence Leeds United played in the same colours as Huddersfield Town.