Sport Club Rio Grande

Sport Club Rio Grande isn't one of the first names that comes to mind when we think of Brazilian football. A modest history, playing down in Rio Grande do Sul, winning the Campeonato Gaúcho in 1936. But Os Avós have  the honour of being the oldest active club in Brazil.  Matches were played as early as 1898, but the official foundation date of the club is  19.07.1900
There were a large number of German settlers in Rio Grande, and it was from the German community that the impetus for forming a club came. The main instigator was a young Hamburger called Johanes Minnemann, Among those who shared the enthusiasm was Arthur Lawson, an Anglo-Brazilian who was born in Rio Grande and who had recently returned from his studies in England.

English sailors, of course, have to feature somewhere: the club's first 'outside' opposition was provided by the crew of  HMS Nymph.  For the most part, though, the club members had to content themselves with games between  Time A and Time B.

No mention of Lawson in these early line ups , which have a very strong German presence.