President's XIV v Secretary's XIV

The gentlemen who have expended so much time in arranging the new code of laws for the regulation of the game of football had the gratification of seeing them put to practical and highly-satisfactory test on Saturday last, when the members of the association mustered in good round numbers at Battersea Park, and played a friendly game, there being fourteen on each side. A large muster of spectators, attracted the fine bracing weather and the novelty of the proceedings, attended, and, in common with those who took active part in the game, expressed their entire satisfaction at the working of the new laws. The sides were chosen the Messrs.Alcock, and were distinguishable as President’s and Secretary's,and included following :—Messrs. J. F. Alcock, E. C.Morley, C. M. Tebbutt, C. Hewett, G. T. Wawn, J. P. Phillips, Innes, M'Calmont, Needham, H. Baker, A. Baker, Lloyd, Hughes, Jackson, C. W. Alcock, A. Pember, H.W. Chambers, A. M. Tebbut, Gray, Drew, Graham, Cutbill, Morton, J. Turner, Morris, Renshaw, Lenchars, and Scott. The game commenced shortly alter half-past two, and some very spirited play ensued, which only concluded when twilight was far advanced, and resulted in the President’s Side obtaining two goals. It would be invidious to mention the names of any of the players having distinguished themselves where all were active; suffice it to say, that the afternoon was very pleasantly spent, and so was the evening, by portion of the members and their friends, who retired to the Grosvenor Hotel, Pimlico, where a capital dinner and some excellent wines were discussed the satisfaction of all concerned.The complete list of fixtures of the Barnes Club will appear in Saturday’s paper, and we shall be glad if the secretaries of other clubs will forward lists of their matches to come by Thursday’s post at latest.
 Sporting Life - 06.01.64