Cheap Excursion

10,000 people were at the Oval on 13.04.89 to see Scotland beat England by 3-2.  Receipts taken totaled £63 17s. 6d.

The prices shown are in shillings. There were 20 shillings to a pound
Skilled workers were on about £2 2/  (42 shillings) for a 50 hour week.
The Scottish players were nominally amateurs. The England line up included 6 professionals. These players were on about £3 per week during the season, £2 per week in the summer. Other than expenses (which amateurs also received) the FA did not pay the professionals for representing England.

The Victorian railway network played a great role in the rapid increase in the  popularity of football in the 1880s.  With the top clubs being concentrated in the North and the Midlands travel to away matches was relatively straightforward.