Netherlands 1900

Netherlands played their first international fixture in 1905. Prior to this All Netherlands select teams had played against foreign clubs and selections. Examples of  English opponents include Maidstone Church Institute Wanderers (1894), Felixstowe (1894) , English Wanderers (1896-1899) and London Caledonians (1905).
The team pictured above faced the German side Berliner F.C. Preussen on 30th December 1900.
The Netherlands won 5-1.
Headwear seems to have been de rigueur and the man standing on the far left seems to also be wearing  spectacles.
The line up:
Cramer (Ajax Leiden), Mundt (HVV), Van der Linde (RAP), Carli (HBS), Hartog (RAP), De Stoppelaar (Ajax Leiden), Jongheer Meyer (HBS), Hesselink (Vitesse), Sol (HVV), Offers (Victoria Wageningen) & Goedvriend (Vitesse).