Jimmy Quinn

The idol of the people a gentleman who spends his Saturday afternoons endeavoring to kick a leather ball into a net. If he is successful in his efforts the eighty thousand or so who look on are seen to assume a pleased expression.
The game might be made more exciting if all the players kicked in the same direction , as more goals would be scored, and , after all, goals are what the spectators want.  
The greatest names in history are those of napoleon, Gladstone and Jimmy Quinn- these three, and the greatest of these is Jimmy Quinn. If you don't believe me ask anybody in Parkhead. 

Jimmy Quinn played 331 first team matches for Celtic (1900-15), scoring 216 goals.
He won 8 Scottish  League titles and 5 Scottish Cup winner's medals.
He represented the Scottish league 8 times (7 goals) and the Scottish national team 11 times (7 goals).