North Wales v Sheffield


This match was played on the Racecourse, at Wrexham, on Saturday, November 18. The weather was very unfavourable, it being a damp, foggy, miserable day. Owing to the laurels which the Sheffield team have won, great interest was attached to the match, and notwithstanding the inclement weather, upwards of 250 were present on the course. Sheffield won the toss, and chose the goal nearest the grand stand. A little before three o'clock the ball was kicked off by Mr Kendrick, the captain of the North Wales Club. The Sheffield team soon began to press down on their opponents, but were smartly repulsed by Mr Kendrick. They, however, soon recovered their lost ground, and at 2.50 the ball was neatly shot through by Mr Gregory. Another goal was nearly made by the Sheffield men, but the goal was saved by Mr E. Evans, of the other club, putting the ball over the bar with his hands. Some great difficulty was then experienced by the home team in keeping their goal from the invaders. It soon became evident that there was no chance of success against the Sheffield players, the North Wales men stumbling on to the grass, while scarcely one of the opposite team was seen to fall. The Welsh goal required all the assistance that could be rendered, no attempt having been made to secure a goal. Mr J. C. Clegg, twice in succession, shot the ball within a few inches of the post, but failed in securing a goal. A raid was then made by the home team into the Sheffield ground, and Mr Davies, succeeding in neatly passing the ball to Mr Underbill, an excellent shot was made at the goal, and the goal keeper, possessing a long arm, managed to lift the ball over the bar. This infused fresh vigour into the first team. A scrimmage shortly afterwards ensued close to the strangers’ goal, which was ultimately taken by the North Wales at 3.15. The ball was then again kicked off, and some good play was witnessed, Mr Mosforth succeeding in placing the ball near to goal, but his intentions were frustrated by Mr Clegg, who secured a goal for the strangers. The home team, up to half time, made the scoring a difficult matter for the Sheffield men, although. they were often in close proximity to the North Wales goal, but after the game was again resumed, the Sheffield team began to show to advantage, and quickly ran their score up. When the game terminated, after an hour and a half's playing, the goals secured by the Sheffielders were six to the North Wales's one.
The following comprised the teams:
Sheffield; J. C. Clegg (captain), W. E. Clegg, W. H. Carr, W. H. Stacey, W. Mosforth, J. Houseley, J. Hunter, W. Wilkinson, G. Anthony, P. Andrews, and R. Gregory; Mr W. P. Dix, umpire.
North Wales: Ll. Kenrick (captain), H. Evans, senior, (goal), R. S. Richards, J. Jones, E. A. Cross, G. F. Thomson, W. H. Davies, C. Spencer, Thomas Higham, Dr Gray, and J. Underbill; Mr R. Mills, referee.

 In the evening the Sheffield team were invited by their opponents to the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, where Mr J. B. Murless had prepared an excellent dinner. The chairman was Lieutenant-Colonel Jones, and the vice- chair was occupied by Lieutenant Evan Morris.

Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard 24.11.76

A number of present or future internationals on show here as  for  Sheffield  the  Cleggs,W. H. Carr, Billy Mosforth and Jack. Hunter would all represent England . North Wales featured 6 players who would represent the Principality -Kenrick, Dr Gray, Edwin Cross, Jack Jones, George F Thomson  and William H Davies.