Football is not a delicate sport ...

The football I cultivated was a real demonstration of hardiness and energy. A game more brusque, but virile,beautiful, vigorous. The modern football is weakened by an excess of passing close to the goal. It is a game that is more fine, perhaps more artistic, even apparently more intelligent, but it has lost its primitive enthusiasm.
It is important to keep in mind that football is not a delicate sport...it is a violent and strong game.
Jorge Gibson BrownEl Grafico 

The article was originally published in 1921. 
Jorge Gibson Brown won 9 Primera División titles with Alumni and 1 with Quilmes. Between 1902-1913 he made 23 appearances for Argentina, 18 as captain. 
Brown belonged to an era in which Argentine football modelled itself on the English game before the emergence of fútbol criollo.